Girls Empowerment Program December 2019




Thank you for...


... making our Girls Empowerment Program possible


... helping 117 girls to say No to FGM/C


... educating the girls and their parents on effects of FGM/C and GBV 


... trusting and supporting our work on the ground in Kuria, East


... saving, improving and changing the lives of 117 girls aged between 10 to 15 from all over Kuria


Thank you for being part of our work, for trusting in our skills to create the empowered change agents of our future! 


The Zinduka Kenya Team

Short Film ABout Our Story

By Sonyanga Weblen, Student at Daystar University Kenya

our intercultural exchange program malezi

By the Documentary Producer Jeremiah Kipainoi

Education Against Mutilation

Our Location in Kenya: