Zinduka e.V.


Zinduka is Kiswahili and means glimmer of hope.

Our goal is to give a glimmer of hope to young women and girls in Kenya. We protect them from female genital mutilation, child marriages and youth pregnancies in the form of educational support and a safe shelter.

In addition, we support projects with men and tribal elders who are regarded as advocates of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).


Zinduka e.V. was registered in 2016 as a non-profit association in Marburg an der Lahn, Germany.
The non-profit status is according to §§51 ff. AO. Non-profit association with the number 5323 in the register of associations Marburg and the tax number: 3125056899

Camp Announcement 2019


 While winter is approaching in Germany, we are baking sweet pastries and cookies and looking forward to strolling through the Christmas market to drink a mulled wine, many tribes of Kenya are preparing for the outdated ritual of female genital mutilation/circumcision. 

Kuria is the name for one of the 43 tribes in Kenya. The name represents its members, the region and the language. Over 100,000 people belong to the Kuria in Kenya and there are twice as many members in Tanzania. In Kenya, Kuria is divided into East and West and into a total of four clans. Each of these clans has its own hierarchy and rules, which are determined by the elders, the so-called "Clan Elders".

These determine all rituals and traditions as well as the performance of female and male circumcisions.  They determine when these take place, who should participate and who carries out the circumcisions. 

Over time, the clans have divided the years so that two clans circumcise in even years and the others in odd years in December.

But this changed in the past years and the circumcisions were mainly done in the even years. 

But now one clan, the Bwirege Klan, has returned to the old rhythm and announced that they will practice female circumcisions intensively this year. 

Together with other local and international organisations involved in Kuria, we all try our best to protect as many girls as possible from genital mutilation. 

Zinduka has therefore decided, as in the past (even) years, to once again organize a camp, which will donate a total of 150 girls a safe refuge in the pre-Christmas (circumcision) time. 

For this we ask for every financial support!


Help us to realize the camp and to give 150 girls a hopeful future and an intact femininity.

Our donation target is 10,000 Euros, which will enable us to accommodate 150 girls for almost two weeks.


Of course we will issue donation receipts if you give us your address.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every support and wish you a blessed Christmas time! 


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