Our Founder

Antonia Sophia Waskowiak decided to volunteer in Kenya when she was 18 years young and still attending High School. "I didn't know, that this work camp would determine my life", she says today, "during my first time in Kuria, Kenya, I got to learn the values of life and I had to realize that not every human being can access them, such as it should be. I could not sit down and watch how others are suppressed, mutilated, married as children and abused!"

She has been living with the Kurian community, understanding and observing, why a girl child is not given all its rights for granted. The lack of education has been a huge gap, wich she since then tried to find solutions for.

Through her strong and incredible will, passion and hope, Antonia Sophia raised a primary school named Bena Academy and founded the charitable, community-based organisation Zinduka.


Zinduka empowers children through education and brings an end to FGM.

"The effects of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on the health of a young girl, whether we are speaking of her physical, sexual, reproductive or psychological health are serious and long lasting. To effectively eliminate this practice, we must enlist not only the child herself, but also gain the support of her family, and her community as a whole", says Antonia Sophia Waskowiak.

We believe in:  #EducationAgainstMutilation


To promote, educate and empower girls, women and the communities on effects of FGM through rescue camps, Alternative Rite of Passage (ARP’s), educational support and economic community empowerment.



Safe, healthy communities for girls and women free from FGM practices and economically sustainable sources of livelihood for all.



Zinduka values the importance and support of education. The founder Antonia has been constructing and supporting the private primary school Bena Academy, which is now part of Zinduka.



The children at Bena come from needy backgrounds and are supported with school fees through Zinduka. Our sponsorship program for you is in progress! Kindly contact us for more information. We ensure that all girls and their families are advocated about the effects of Female Genital Mutilation.


Sponsored girls and their parents sign a contract which proves, that the daughter will not undergo the cut. It is our aim to ensure the full education of all students, also after they have successfully completed primary school and proceed to secondary schools, colleges and universities.



Bena Academy hosts more than 300 students in Kindergarten and class one to class eight.



!!! We ensure the highest quality in education and are currently with position number 4 (out of 47) among the top primary schools in Kuria, Kenya !!!



Our Motto: Aim Higher!




Female Genital Mutilation has been intensively practiced in Kuria East, Kenya. Through greater awareness and working within the community, we advocate towards the ending of FGM. The percentage of cut girls among the Kurian tribe has been reduced by 12% (from 96% to 84%) until 2016 (no available statistics currently).



Worldwide there are more than 200 million girls and women survivors of FGM! 9,3 Mio. which is equal to 5% of them are Kenyans.



Zinduka uses “Education against Mutilation” in the process of bringing the practice of FGM to an end. With the help of community members, we transparently advocate the Kurian community about the effects of FGM.


FGM is traditionally practiced during December after every two years. While the “cutting season” we create a safe home and host every endangered girl. The camp is organised in the grounds of Bena Academy itself. All participants are provided with education, security and a place to be. 




In Dec. 2018 a number of 158 girls has come to stay with us for the time period of one month. All girls successfully participated in the Alternative Rite of Passage, which we offer after successfully saying No to FGM.



In Dec. 2016 we hosted 139 girls in our rescue camp and all successfully took part in the Alternative Rite of Passage.



So far we saved more than 200 girls from Female Genital Mutilation and reached out to over 7000 students and community members.


Donations and Contact

Donate directly to Zinduka and empower children in Kenya!


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Your donation goes exclusively to the projects against FGM and the support of our students at Bena Academy!




Thank you very much for your support! You are part of a global change in empowering the girl child.



Asante sana! (Swahili for “Thank you very much!”)




contact us: kontakt@zinduka-ev.com