How everything started...


Antonia Sophia Waskowiak is now a professional paramedic and 27 years old.

She started our association Zinduka and now lives on site as a project manager. Since August 2018, she is studying "Community Development" in Nairobi in order to continue supporting Zinduka with full commitment. She first came to Kenya eight years ago:


"Already as a schoolgirl, at the age of about 16, it was my wish to go to Africa once as a "non-tourist". I always wanted to experience this breathtaking continent from its real side and get to know the different peoples, their cultures and everyday life outside of the TV documentaries.


I contacted many development service organizations and finally found the right thing for me through the German Development Service (DED): a three-week camp in the Kenyan tribe of Kuria with handicraft work, as well as the fight against female genital mutilation.


This topic scared me at first, but I really wanted to deal with it and learn more about it. So I set off for Kenya during the summer vacations of the 12th grade.

There, I was together with a total of 15 other volunteers from all over the world and a few Kenyans from DED's partner organization, the KVDA (Kenya Voluntary Development Association), for almost a month.

Every day I met new acquaintances of the Kenyan culture, on the one hand very shocking, on the other hand very interesting and admirable. Especially close to my heart were the conversations about female genital mutilation. I was not at all aware of how often this is still being practiced. It soon became apparent to me that this cruel tradition is proudly carried on in almost every family.


After many conversations with Kenyan girls who had often been mutilated, I decided that this work camp was not my only fight against the cruel tradition. Even if I can stop just one girl from doing it, I've already won!


So during my last school year I kept close contact with a family from the Kuria tribe in Nyabosongo. Already during the work camp we did a lot of things and a very close friendship started."