Meet the Team of Zinduka Kenya

Antonia sophia Waskowiak

Member since: Birth :)


Tasks: Founder of Zinduka, Fundraising, Direction of projects, Connection between Germany and Kenya.


Makes me smile: when I am on ground and realize the impact we have created. Every single smile and "thank you" from a community member fulfills my heart.


Makes me sad: when I see evidence of violence and those cases where it is too late to intervene.


My vision for Zinduka: I am seeing Zinduka standing by itself, always growing and expending to many different communities within Kenya

Cess Wangui

Member since:  2019


Tasks: Director of programs and organization operations at Zinduka


Makes me smile: when women and girls are able to realize their full potential.


Makes me sad: when women & girls are undermined or overlooked in any capacity.


My vision for Zinduka: Same as our vision statement! 

Tobias Maroa

Member since: February 2019


Tasks: Finance officer and any other as assigned.


Makes me smile: Equality between male and female gender.


Makes me sad: when a girl, child is considered a sacrifice in times of hardship in the community.


My vision for Zinduka: to empower and strive towards changing the negative mind set of the community members towards women and girls so that we will have a community where girls have a right to define theire future.

Gati Rose Nyamohanga

Member since: April 2019


Tasks: holder of a chicken farm, Director of Crafts.


Makes me smile: seeing young girls focusing in education instead of negative cultural practices.


Makes me sad: seeing girls entering into marriages so young and not educated


My vision for Zinduka: able to mae the community fully educated against FGM and educating people especially women on how to empower themselves economically and be self independent.

Tuguro Dronny Elijah

Member since: December 2016


Tasks: Facilitator


Makes me smile: Working for the community.


Makes me sad: when I fail to achieve duties accorded to me.


My vision for Zinduka: To help Zinduka in promoting education against mutilation.

Mbusiro Elizabeth Geseke

Member since: 2018


Tasks: to mentor girls and boys to make thme reasonable for them to be leaders od tomorrow.


Makes me smile: seeing a girl empowered and protected from any harm more so FGM.


Makes me sad: when I am sick.


My vision for Zinduka: to see Zinduka prospering.